This site provides comprehensive, up-to-date, time-sensitive, and accurate information (*) for all FCC Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio (LMR) voice dispatch, data, SCADA, telemetry and radio paging licensees, system managers, consultants, integrators, sales and service facilities and end-users subject to compliance with the January 1, 2013 VHF (150-174 MHz) and  UHF (421-470 MHz) Narrowbanding Mandate.

If your system has 1) NOT completed the narrowbanding process or, 2) does NOT have a Waiver issued by the FCC, operation of that system after January 1, 2013 is illegal and is subject to enforcement action including immediate system shut down, license cancellation, and financial penalty. It is highly recommended that you contact a local, professional two way radio service shop as soon as possible for assistance in becoming compliant.

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 As the 2013 compliance date draws closer, additional
 information and links will be posted here.  Stay tuned...

In case you missed it....

Video of FCC's January 26, 2011
Part 90 Narrowbanding Webcast

Link to panelists' presentations

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Narrowband Bandwith Changes
Released On July 13, 2011

FCC Narrowbanding Waiver Guidance Notice

VHF/UHF licensees that anticipate the need for additional time beyond the January 1, 2013 deadline to complete the narrowbanding of their systems must request a waiver. The guidance contained in this  Public Notice  is intended to expedite the preparation and submission of waiver requests by licensees, as well as the review of such requests by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, consistent with the Commission's overarching goal of ensuring a timely transition to narrowband operations.

Also see  this waiver explanation  from the FCC.
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VHF/UHF Narrowbanding Guide
 Updated 03-14-2013   Non-compliance without a Waiver will result in monetary fines and/or the cancellation of your license(s) by the FCC

04/26/12  --  FCC EXEMPTS
  470-512 MHz  "T"-Band  Licensees
       from Narrowbanding Mandate

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